Diamond State Curling Club




Our Competitive Leagues are for experienced curling only.

Participants must have either completed one of our

Instructional Leagues or curled in leagues at another club.




8-Game* Fall 2018 Competitive League ($99)

10/14/18 to 12/16/18 @ 7:20 pm Sundays

[Start times differ on 10/14 (7:40 pm) and 12/2 & 12/9 (8:00 pm)]

* plus sub for free on bye weeks, if any.


Times listed are the start of each 2-hour on-ice session.

Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early for setup, and to stay

at least 30 minutes afterward most weeks for broomstacking.


Space is Limited:  We only have space for 40 players, so sign up early.



What?!  Only $99 for 8 games?!?!  We usually pay that for only 6 games!!!


Our mission is to promote the sport of curling. To accomplish that, we want to make

it more affordable for more people.  *BUT*, we need your help to make this work!


So we're asking adults who curl in this league to help us spread the love:

Option 1:  commit to helping with at least 2 ITC or LTC sessions (sign-up here)

Option 2:  make a tax-deductible donation of $20 to $50    (donate now)

Option 3:  do both, because you're that darned awesome!  (yay!)

These options for giving the club an extra bit of help are

totally voluntary, but we sure hope you'll pitch in.


[no coaching experience is necessary to volunteer for an ITC]




How to Register For The League:


Step 1) Tell us which dates you can/can't play


         8-Game Fall 2018 Competitive League: https://doodle.com/poll/qz59xkn4z57cfdag


Step 2)  Reserve your Spot




Or contact onlinesales@diamondstatecurling.org to pay by cash or check.


Step 3)  Update your Membership Status


Membership Dues are separate from League Fees.  The free Intro Member status is only good prospective members' first Instructional League.  To qualify for the competitive league, your Membership Registration must be up-to-date and your annual dues must be paid in full.  See our Membership page for instructions.

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