Diamond State Curling Club


Our Instructional Curling Leagues and formal Learn-to-Curl sessions are the perfect way to start your journey towards the 2030 Olympics.  We curl at Patriot Ice Center, 101 John Campbell Rd, Newark, DE.


Step-by-step instructions for joining are at the bottom of this page, but first...




Options for Beginners-Only:


No prior curling experience necessary!

Our Instructional Leagues are for new curlers only.

Our instructors will be there to coach you during the games.


6-Game Mid-Summer Instructional League ($99)

6/3 to 7/8 @ 6:50 pm (Sundays)


6-Game Late-Summer Instructional League ($99)

7/19 to 8/23 @ 8:00 pm (every Thursday)


Just looking to scratch curling off your bucket list???

Check out our exciting single-session Intro-to-Curling events instead.


Space is Limited:  We only have space for 24 players each week so sign up early.


Risk Free:  League fees will be adjusted or refunded if your plans change

before the start of each season.  Just update your Doodle participation record

(explained below) and email onlinesales@diamondstatecurling.org to

let us know why you're requesting an adjustment or refund.


Satisfaction Guaranteed: If after your lesson or any game of the

season you decide that curling simply isn't for you, we'll give a

prorated refund for the remainder of the season.


Instructional:  No prior experience required!  The above leagues are

suitable for new curlers of any level of fitness and ability, including

wheelchair-bound athletes.  If you're new to curling, your first

week will be a lesson, and your subsequent weeks will be

in full-game situations with a mix of other new curlers and

experienced curlers to coach and mentor you during games.

No special equipment is required to get started.




Options for Experienced Curlers:


Don't let the term "Competitive Leagues" intimidated you; these leagues are even more fun

than our Instructional Leagues.  If you've completed an Instructional League season,

you're ready for these leagues.  You'll play with the same teammates each week

in a light-hearted round-robin tournament.  It's a great way to enjoy the sport!


Summer Competitive League ($99) -- 7/29 to 9/2 @ 6:50 pm (Sundays)






Step-by-step instructions for registering for leagues:


Step 1) Tell us which dates you plan to play


Go to our Doodle Participation Surveys to review the exact dates and times of all games in the league(s) you're interested in, then submit one row per participant per league to let us know which day's you think you'll miss.




          6-Game Mid-Summer Instructional League: https://doodle.com/poll/qs4czxrbxbmv6xue

          6-Game Late-Summer Instructional League: https://doodle.com/poll/wgqxic6simiccvkc



     Club Members:

         Summer '18 Competitive League: https://doodle.com/poll/z3karzbh87ydzxc7



     Historical Doodles:

            These leagues are sold-out or in-progress; links provided soley for reference by league members:

         3-Game Instructional Mini-League: https://doodle.com/poll/eheu7m9stikqcyqn 

          Spring '18 Competitive League: https://doodle.com/poll/hqqyqdxuifq8yq9e

          6-Game Spring/Summer Instructional League: https://doodle.com/poll/8vdv44ddi98tpuwr



Step 2)  Reserve your Spot


Once you've selected your leagues, and confirmed in Doodle that the league dates are okay for you, visit our online store to reserve your spot(s) in the leagues and/or classes you've selected:




Or contact treasurer@diamondstatecurling.org if you'd prefer to pay by cash or check.



Step 3)  Update your Membership Status


Membership Dues are separate from League Fees.  New curlers must register as Intro Members before curling in our LTC or Instructional League programs.  Intro Membership is free for your first league season.  To play in subsequent league seasons, curlers must convert to a Primary Membership, which is good for one full year.  Visit our Membership Page to register.

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