2024 Summer Thursday League

It Starts This Week!

The Summer Thursday league is an 8 week league from Thursday June 13th to Thursday August 8th (no curling on July 4th). All dates run from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. The cost is $205 for nonmembers, $180 for members.

There is still room in the league, but it starts in two days! So sign up today!


We have a new website, which means a new registration process. There are two different processes depending on your membership status:
NONMEMBERS – For nonmembers, the website is not currently set up to accept your registration. Apparently it’s unusual for clubs to regularly accept nonmember registration, so the default website is not set up for that. But we like to be nice and welcoming, so we would still love to have you join us! For now we will have to take your registration manually, so if you are not currently a member of Diamond State and want to play this summer, email me directly at leagues@diamondstatecurling.org. You could also register as a member and sign up with the process below. Membership is $100 annually, but it renews in October so it’s currently prorated to $50. There’s a member discount of $25 on each league. If you are new to curling, or an experienced curler who is new to the area, you are allowed to play in one league before becoming a member if you want to try it out first. After your first league you will have to become a member if you’d like to curl again, it’s a requirement of our insurance company. Members of surrounding GNCC clubs are welcome to join us for however many leagues you want because you are already covered by the same insurance we have through the GNCC.
MEMBERS – To register for a league as a member, you need to log in to our new website (same old URL, www.diamondstatecurling.org). From the menu at the top of the page, you go to the “Member Portal”. In the Member Portal you will see a link for an “Upcoming Leagues” tab. Under that tab you will see both the Thursday and the Sunday leagues, follow the appropriate links to pay and register. We are no longer using Doodle Surveys to track availability. There is a link to an availability form on the left hand side of the league page which you can fill out before or after registration. Please, if you register, make sure you fill out the availability form. Unlike our previous process, you won’t automatically be sent to the form after registration. Listing your availability helps us form teams so we won’t have a team with 3 absences in the same week, hopefully.

See you out on the ice for some fun Summer Curling!

Good Curling,
Brian Hufe
Vice President