Board of Directors

At Diamond State Curling Club, our operations are led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, elected from within our membership base. Volunteers serve a 3-year term as board members, with officer positions rotating on a yearly basis.


Board Member


Board Member

Jim Zoladz

Board Member

Vice President

Board Member

Membership Coordinator

Board Member

Alex Zimmerman

Board Member


Board Member

Herb Kupchik

GNCC Representative

Board Member

Steve Lappert

Board Member

Committee Chairs and Coordinators

Our all-volunteer committees work hard to keep DSCC running smoothly and growing. Planning events, running leagues, and our social media presence are just a few examples of the work done by our committees. Interested in helping out with a committee? Just reach out to the chair listed below.

Communication Committee

Chair: David Yeager

Curling Committee

Chair: Dewey Donovan (President)

ITC Coordinator: John Grillo

Private Events Coordinator: Herb Kupchik

League Coordinator(s): Brian Hufe

Facility Committee

Chair: Jim Zoladz

Finance Committee

Chair: Kevin Ridgley (Treasurer)

Fundraising Coordinator: Caitlin Custer-Hufe

Swag Coordinator: Brian Hufe

Information Technology Committee

Chair, IT Coordinator(s): John Grillo, David Yeager

Updated: 6/21/2024