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We will meet for a 2 hour classroom session at the Newark Free Library on the afternoon of August 13th starting at 2:45 to discuss delivery and sweeping principles. We will break for dinner and then meet at the Patriot Ice Center at 6:15 pm when everyone will be put through delivery and sweeping drills. During the sweeping drills they will utilize the "Smart Broom" so you can get actual quantifiable numbers on how effective your sweeping is. There will be an open discussion following the ice time and participants would have free follow up support via email, text and voice after the conclusion of the class.

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Diamond State Curling Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation located in the State of Delaware.  
We're the first (and only) club in the state dedicated to promoting curling education and nurturing amateur curling competition. We accept members of all ages and backgrounds, and we're committed to introducing as many Delaware residents as possible to this wonderful sport.